Who’s on your team? We all need one!

Beat stress by turning to your team of angels

To get you thinking I’ll let you know who’s on mine: a walking companion, yoga buddies, a kind ear, a mindfulness friend, my osteopath, a beauty therapist, coffee mates, playground pals, a brainstormer and sometimes devils advocate, and a cheer squad – on social media and in real life (both have their value!)

I think of them as my team of angels: people who keep me honest on my path, who lift me up when I’m flagging, who inspire me, challenge me and celebrate my wins with me.

Having a team is not about outsourcing your replenishment but identifying kindred spirits to share the journey with and providing mutual support where possible. It is also recognising when we do need help from others and it helps to identify those people before crisis hits. Get these angels on speed dial and prioritise your selfcare when times get tough.

If you’ve recently relocated maybe you need some fresh local faces on your team. Get out there and talk to people. Who from your old team can you connect with in different ways? Technology can be a wonderful tool! Regardless of physical location you can remain in each others’ corner. Thank God for skype! Believe me, we can even use it to yoga together!

We need other people and other people need us. Write down who’s on your team and make plans to connect. Who’s team are you on? Reach out and be of service to others too. Connection feeds the soul, take a look around you and plug in.

Thanks for being on my team! I relish being on yours.
Suz xx

P.S. Want to know who’s on my team of angels here in Berkhamsted and Tring?

I have a tried and trusted set of practitioners I turn to myself and can recommend wholeheartedly to you. From acupuncture to osteopathy. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about my local team of angels. We’ll get you flourishing again!

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Neom Stress Audit: How We Can Beat Stress

The Neom Organics stress audit results are in and it is pretty staggering. A whopping big 9 out of 10 women in the UK are stressed, with 36% agreeing that they were stressed every day. On an encouraging note over half of respondents state that taking time to look after their health and wellbeing is a priority. Hooray! People are finally giving themselves permission to put self-care on the agenda. However, it seems we have a way to go before this is a daily occurrence, with 49% of women feeling they don’t have enough time to look after themselves.

Why can’t we ignore stress?

  • Stress isn’t going to go away – it is a normal part of everyday life. In fact life would be pretty boring without some stress to keep us on our toes, evolving and growing. It’s no good saying “I’ll be happy when…” The day when there is no stress is the day we are pushing up daisies. We need to get on with reclaiming our vitality now.
  • Stress has a cumulative effect. Putting out heads in the sand and attempting to deal with it later wreaks havoc with our health and takes a toll on our relationships, work life and family life.
  • Too much stress is dangerous. Stress lies at the heart of myriad of physical and mental health conditions. Quite simply the evidence is overwhelming that too much stress (either in intensity or in duration) makes us fat and ill. We just can’t afford to be complacent about our stress levels. It goes beyond our health and wellbeing – too much stress greatly diminishes our ability to enjoy life and can put the kibosh on happiness. We have to take action now.

Significantly, the audit revealed the greatest antidote to feeling stressed was ‘more time’… now what if I told you that you actually don’t need more time to destress?! Sounds good? It is totally do-able without requiring any more time in your day. It’s about doing those everyday things with a different focus, a different perspective, a fresh pair of eyes. Here’s how… Read more »


Mummy & Baby Yoga at Carmenta Life: the Benefits.

Berkhamsted is such a fabulous place to raise children there is no wonder that there are loads of classes available to engage and stimulate your baby. The beauty of mummy and baby yoga is that the class addresses the needs of new mums too! Motherhood is one demanding role, we need all the nurturing we can get.

What is Mummy and Baby Yoga all about?

Very simply the class consists of:

  • yoga postures, breath work and relaxation for the parents
  • movement, touch and songs for the babies
  • sequences where both parent and baby work together for mutual enjoyment…

I am trained in Birthlight Baby yoga which is a carefully constructed system designed to simultaneously meet the needs of both parent and child. It has potentially profound effects on all aspects of wellbeing: physical, mental and emotional. It has the beautiful intention of creating happy, secure babies and re-energised, skillful parents.

New mums, it’s your turn! Come along to postnatal yoga. Here’s what’s in it for you!

Read more »

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Is weight loss your goal? Why yoga in Berkhamsted might be the answer:

We all know that to shed unwanted kilos we need to make healthy food choices and exercise regularly, but did you know that to burn fat we need to relax and unwind too?

Why stress is the enemy to weight loss:

  • During periods of stress, the ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered and the body is flooded with stress hormones adrenaline, corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH) and cortisol. These hormones can make you crave sugary, carbohydrate-rich foods.
  • While the immediate response to acute stress can be a diminished appetite, when stress becomes chronic it can make you feel ravenously hungry, adding weight gain to your list of concerns.
  • Turning to food for comfort can also become a habit – so be mindful of the activities you choose to relieve stress.
  • With your adrenal glands pumping out cortisol, production of the muscle-building hormone testosterone slows down. If this is sustained over a long period of time, the drop in testosterone can cause a decrease in muscle mass, meaning you burn fewer calories and store more fat. While this occurs naturally as we age, high cortisol levels can accelerate this process.
  • Stress hormones can also lead to the tendency to store visceral fat around the abdomen, which is linked to an increase in both diabetes and heart disease.

How yoga aids weight loss

  • Exercising for too hard for too long can actually raise cortisol levels and make you feel more stressed, inhibiting weight loss. While we need to move to burn fat, we also need to engage in gentler activities like yoga to assist the body in de-stressing, facilitating fat loss.
  • Stress interferes with  good sleep patterns, in turn raising cortisol and making us feel more stressed out. Yoga can be a fabulous activity to promote better sleep. There are specific sequences you can engage in before going to bed that will help you unwind, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Breathing techniques from yoga can help you get back to sleep quicker when you wake.
  • Relaxation produces brain chemicals which are the antidote to stress hormones. Incorporate a regular yoga or meditation practice into your daily schedule to keep the effects of stress at bay and help you feel more resilient when you are under pressure. As little as 7 minutes a day can have potent stress-busting effects.

Yoga in Berkhamsted: making it work for you

  • Classes can be a great cost-effective way to incorporate yoga into your weekly routine. I teach a general class at BAYoga, Tuesdays, 1:15-2:15pm which is designed to help strengthen, shape up and stretch our your body. The pace and intensity of the class is specifically chosen to maximise fat loss – working out at the right pace to burn fat and also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you unwind. Check out a studio near you to find a class that fits with your week.
  • New mums, it’s your turn. Come and enjoy some postnatal yoga with your baby at Carmenta Life, Mondays, 1:30-2:30pm. We will gently strengthen your core, tone and stretch out your body and replenish a weary mind. Top up your energy levels with yoga designed especially for the postnatal period. We will also do some moves for the babies to develop strength, boost digestion and happily tire them out promoting sleep. Sounds good? Book in to secure you’re place. With a maximum of 10 participants you will get hands on attention.
  • Can’t get to classes or don’t feel quite ready? Book in for a private session with me. I will take you through some basic moves to prepare you for group lessons or I can design you a routine to do at home. As little as 7 minutes a day will pave the way for more efficient fat loss and help you navigate periods of stress. All you need in your own body and a little space on the floor, I can provide you with your own bespoke sequences.

Have any questions about making yoga work for you? Interested in a private session? Get in touch! 07951 440 255 or

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Would you like to feel more positive? Take a gratitude walk in Berkhamsted

Today I took a gratitude walk, committing to dwelling in the moment and giving thanks for my blessings, not getting lost in rumination. I saw wide open fields reminding me of the rich potential of life and glorious blossom symbolising the rebirth of spring. I searched for butterflies, feeling my dad’s presence. I sat and listened to songbirds in a meadow, reminding me of the value of pausing to savour something lifegiving. Such a potent mood booster. Feeling low? Take some time to fill yourself back up. Let gratitude and Nature work their magic. Lots of love, Suz xx

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