How to lose weight just by thinking about it

Lose weight just by thinking about it… sounds too good to be true? Here’s some recent research that might just bring a smile to your face.

This has got to be one of my favourite studies of all time. For years I’ve been banging on about the value of ‘incidental’ exercise – all movement, not just organised exercise counts when it comes to health and fitness benefits.

That means vacuuming, active play with your kids, or getting your hands dirty in the garden can all be just as effective as a gym workout.

A recent ground breaking study takes this message one step further, showing us how to fine tune the potency of everyday movement. And it all comes down to your mind set… Read more »

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You are safe, you are loved, you are held.

“You are safe, you are loved, you are held.” These were the words that came to me during my yoga today. As my hands purposefully cradled my abdomen I found myself repeating them to my unborn child.

I found a deep sense of peace in that connection and it struck me those words were also a great solace to me now, as an adult. Regardless of age or stage of life, this is what all human beings need to feel in order to flourish: that we are safe, we are loved and we are held.

I also came to realise that as an adult, I need to be able to extend these gifts to myself. The greatest challenges I have faced in this life, thus far – the birth of my first child, the long drawn out loss of my father to motor neurone disease and more recently, this leap of faith moving countries, have all honed this lesson: that in life we must learn to parent ourselves… Read more »

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Life won’t wait: 7 top tips for embracing change

What’s your relationship with change? When you contemplate the concept of change, what thoughts, words, images, memories or feelings surface for you?

For most of my life I confess I was a little resistant to change – I was a creature of habit, happy with my routine and my stability. It was a happy circumstance that I fell into making a significant life change when I first came to London for a 2 month trip that turned into a 7 year adventure.

I discovered how liberating a new environment could be and how invigorating it can feel to do things differently. It was later when other change was thrust upon me, the pain of losing my dad, that I learnt that even unpleasant, heartbreaking change can be a profoundly positive catalyst, a fast track to unimagined personal evolutionRead more »

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Even when I lose I’m winning: The secret to harmonious relationships

I’ve been pondering these beautiful and insightful words from singer John Legend.

They’ve helped me embrace our planned move to the UK. While I adore Sydney life, I know that for my precious family unit to really flourish as a whole, we need make a move. Whatever choices I have to make to facilitate that, I still win because what I value most is protected.

When we learn to embrace this concept in our close relationships, much conflict drops away. It’s a powerful notion, seeing ourselves and our loved one as being part of the one whole – there is no competition, no winner, no loser, just a team that plays together with the same purpose at heart.

The term ‘other half’ is often used, but perhaps is not often enough absorbed into how we think, feel and act in everyday life. Another way we are challenged to evolve as beings, by chipping away at our sense of ego.

Powerful words indeed – what do they mean for you?

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How to make your resolutions work

How did you go with your resolutions last year? Did you tell others about them? Did you break them down into sub goals? Did you keep checking in with them? Did you brainstorm potential obstacles and strategies to overcome them? Did you celebrate your wins? Did you take action?

What might you do differently in 2014? Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got.

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