Suzy is available for corporate speaking events, private coaching sessions in London and the Home Counties and for Skype or phone consultations worldwide. She practices at her consulting room in Berkhamsted, offers walk & talk sessions in Ashridge and can make home visits in Berkhamsted and surrounding villages by arrangement.

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Berkhamsted Workshops, Classes and Courses:

Motherhood: Who Am I Now?

As we birth our babies we embark on one of the biggest transitions in life:  becoming a Mother. While it provides fertile ground for growth it also tests us to our limits. This workshop dives into how we can best navigate that change and the changes beyond, such as returning to work or growing our family.

We’ll take an honest look at our identity as mums, the natural grieving process in letting go of the old and embracing the new, how we define success in motherhood and what makes a ‘good’ mother via our own personal value system. You’ll also learn a soothing yoga sequence, a simple meditation to create calm and clarity and a series of mantras to keep you anchored in perspective throughout your day. A gorgeous L’Occitane goody will have you floating home.

Venue: BAYoga, Berkhamsted

Date: 19 November 2017

Time: 12:30-2pm

Cost: £30

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No More Scary Mummy!

Given the relentless nature of motherhood, and the chaos, and the noise, and the disturbed sleep… there is little wonder why anger can become an issue. This workshop is not about eradicating anger, indeed you will learn from a psychological perspective why anger serves an important function in our lives. You will learn how to keep your anger from becoming toxic and destructive to you and the people you love dearly.

As a psychologist, yoga teacher and health coach, Suzy is uniquely placed to empower you to nourish your emotional and physical health so you can better manage stress and anger. You will leave with the tools to launch your own personal ‘Project CALM’.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • The evolutionary purpose of anger
  • The goal of emotional agility – an ability to be comfortable with the whole gamut of emotions
  • Energy management with simple tools of self-care
  • Mindfulness and coping techniques to help you respond more constructively to anger
  • A yoga sequence to help you let off steam and heal your nervous system
  • You’ll also take home a beautiful L’Occitane treat to keep ‘Project Calm’ on the daily radar

Venue: BAYoga, Berkhamsted

Date: 3 December 2017

Time: 12:30-2pm

Cost: £30

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Self-Care for Mums – Reclaim Time for You

When we become mothers our need for self-care couldn’t be greater, yet we are more squeezed for time and energy than ever before. Come along to this workshop designed especially for mums and get your health and wellbeing back on the radar, in powerful yet accessible ways.

We’ll blow mummy guilt away by getting clear on why we need self-care – to heal, to cope, to boost resilience and most importantly, to be the mums that we aspire to be.

Suzy, mum of 2 and leading expert on self-care, will share with you her own self-care framework, empowering you with tools to nourish yourself head, heart and body, in the moment, when you need it the most.

What you’ll take away from the workshop:

  • We will explore ways to heal the nervous system from the stresses of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and other coinciding life events.
  • We’ll focus on simple practices and healthy habits that help us cope better with the overstimulation and relentless demands of parenting.
  • You’ll learn two yoga sequences: one to promote better sleep or help make up for sleep deficit and another to recharge, uplift and energise you – better than ANOTHER cup of coffee.
  • Every participant also takes home a beautiful L’Occitane gift, giving you access to instant calm.

Venue: BAYoga, Berkhamsted

Date: 28 Jan 2018

Time: 12:30-2pm

Cost: £30

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When: Tuesdays, 1:15pm -2:15pm. 

A one hour dynamic yoga class with an opportunity to strengthen, shape up and stretch out. We might also blend in some moves from tai chi and pilates to keep us on our toes. Suitable for complete beginners or the more experienced and can be modified for pre and postnatal participants. Payment and booking via BAYoga is necessary. Simply jump online to the timetable (, click on my Tuesday 1:15pm class and it takes you to a secure booking system.

Venue: BAYoga Studio, 162-166 High Street Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 3AP.  See  or call 01442 866 667 for more location details.


When: Tuesdays, for 5 weeks

NEXT COURSE: Now taking bookings for November 7th. Book your place early to avoid disappointment. Get in touch with Suzy to secure your place.

Time: 10-11am and 11:30-12:30pm

Come and join us for yoga to help you re-energise, strengthen, tone and unwind with some moves for your cherub too. The class is suitable for complete beginners and babies until they are on the move. We’ll also be taking a look at stress management, coping skills and self-care tips specifically for new mums. These classes operates as a course – book in for all 4 weeks for £32. With only 12 available places, booking directly with Suzy is required.

Venue: Carmenta-Life, Chesham House, Ground floor, Chesham Lane, Berkshamsted, HP4 2AX. See or call 01442 872591 for more location details.

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