Lifestyle and Stress Management

healthy lifestyle change – relaxation balance and calm – goal achievement 

  • Are you eating well, exercising regularly and still not seeing the results you want?
  • Is stress interfering with your enjoyment of motherhood, work, relationships or life in general?
  • Are you feeling frazzled, down or fatigued?
  • Do you feel like life is out of balance and you need to set things straight?
  • Are you having trouble unwinding, relaxing or sleeping?
  • Can’t remember the last time there was a chance for ‘me time’?
  • Do you know what you changes you need to make but can’t seem to make them happen?
  • Would you like to feel more positive, energetic and resilient?

If this sounds like you, I have the solution –

It’s called The 8 Pathways to Vitality.

To be healthy, positive and clear-headed, we need to carve time in our week for regular self-care. The 8 Pathways to Vitality is the framework to help you make these healthy lifestyle changes. I will work with you to make sure they fit in with the challenges of daily life. In partnership with you I will help design a self-care toolkit, with simple ways that you can fill up your cup. We will examine the areas that resonate with you and brainstorm how we can inject those activities into your week in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

I also have a broad referral network of tried and tested local practitioners, to ensure all aspects of your wellbeing are addressed.

Ready to feel vibrant, healthy and happy? Book in via

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