Personal Training

confidence – fat loss – shape – strength – flexibility – positivity – energy

Over the last decade I have worked in a one-on-one dynamic with hundreds of people with diverse goals, needs, preferences, habits, attitudes and lifestyles. I understand we are all motivated by different things and intrinsically enjoy different pursuits.

I enjoy approaching health and fitness in a targeted, intelligent way, creating your own unique path of action and supporting you along the way.

Essentially, we all know what we need to do to feel healthy and vital, my strength lies in helping you make these things happen in daily life.

How I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals:

  • One on one personal training. In your own home or in the surrounding natural beauty of Ashridge
  • Bespoke exercise programming. In partnership with you I will create for you a personalised program to build strength, stamina, flexibility, boost energy levels and fat loss, whatever your goals are
  • Specialties: pre and postnatal fitness, training to enhance sporting performance, help to find intrinsically enjoyable exercise you actually WANT to do, exercise for teenagers, how to exercise without stressing out your body and adding to your mental burden – maximum benefits for your effort – intelligent fitness!
  • Support in making healthy lifestyle change so that what happens between sessions doesn’t sabotage your hard work
  • Encouragement and motivation. I provide regular text, email or phone support to make sure you are doing the work and seeing the desired progress.

Are you ready to feel fit and fabulous? Get in touch for your free consultation on 07951 440 255.

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