Walk & Talk Sessions

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Get your body moving while we sort out what’s on your mind!

As a qualified psychologist, yoga teacher and personal trainer, the idea of blending the three disciplines into a “walk and talk” format came about very organically. The rest of psychology is finally catching up! A flurry of research is now drawing attention to the important role the body plays in achieving wellbeing. What better way to revitalise, unwind and gain clarity than by harnessing the therapeutic benefits of nature, exercise and talk therapy!

Walk & Talk, What is it?

Very simply, we head out together somewhere beautiful, walk at a pace you feel comfortable with, and we talk about what’s on your mind. If you’re open to it, sometimes we stop and do a yoga pose or two that is connected with what we are talking about. The body plays an important role in how we feel, our energy levels and also in how we go about creating change. Specific exercises or yoga poses can help us with these goals.

We achieve the same things you would normally do by sitting and talking things out, but with the added benefits of exercise and the uplifting effect of being in Nature – more bang for your buck. If you want to work on your fitness at the same time, we can push the intensity a little harder. It just comes down to what you want to achieve.

Why Choose Walk & Talk?

  • Time spent in Nature is an effortless way to destress, replenish and feel inspired. Research shows it is a simple, cost-free antidepressant and a way of connecting us with what matters most in life. In a world that is dominated by screen time, technology and time pressure, being in Nature is like hitting the reboot button.
  • Exercise is an effective treatment for depression and can also help buffer us from the effects of stress. Exercise is a great tonic not just for physical health but for mental health as well.
  • Posture: the way we sit, stand and hold our bodies has been shown to have a powerful impact on how we feel, our mood and our energy levels. My goal as a psychologist is to enhance feelings of positivity and empowerment. Rather than sitting you down in a chair, I invite you out to move and to enjoy that sensation of being alive. I guarantee you will feel more capable, resourceful and inspired as a result!
  • Forming new healthy habits: if you are looking to make some lifestyle changes or wanting to feel more vital and positive, the best way I can encourage you to get moving, is to get you moving! If I take you for a beautiful walk which you enjoy, you are far more likely to do it again than if I simply advise you to exercise. The more you do it, the more movement becomes a natural part of everyday life and this is how you make exercise a habit.

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