Sian, Berkhamsted ‘Postnatal Yoga’

Our last class was such a blessing as I did 50 mins of yoga with a sleeping Esmé and I felt so connected and alive at the end of the class.

I felt like what you created in that class was like a gift – I felt renewed, challenged (in a good way) and refreshed- thank you for what you create so effortlessly with your class content, your energy and your positivity.

Claire, Berkhamsted ‘Vitality Yoga’

I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your classes! I can’t believe how much more flexible and grounded I feel since starting only 5 weeks ago. I am a total yoga convert now!

Christine, St Albans Wellbeing Psychology & Yoga

From the first moment of meeting Suzy I felt her warmth and friendship wrap around me, without any awareness of how important she would become in my life. I had lost all the joy in life and couldn’t trust anyone, I had shrunk away from life, friends, family and work. 

I was so relieved to be in her space.  Slowly I mentioned how my life had turned on its head and over the following months Suzy supported my recovery, invisibly taking my hand and walking with me, showing me that there is strength in my body and soul and that I have worth and that I am talented and can find resolution.

The yoga exercises that accompanied each visit related to my life needs at that time, setting an intention and affirmations.  Suzy lifted my soul in her capable hands, was gentle to encourage strength, connective to make me feel strong, mindful to give me fresh energy and above all, love to help me find myself.  

This is something that happens very slowly but I truly believe that Suzy has a natural gift of psychologically healing the body and soul and without this very dear human being my life would not be as enriched.

Laura, London ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

Suzy, Suzy, Suzy, I honestly had the best few hours of my year with you this morning. I know what it’s like to teach and not get two way feedback at the time but if like me, the rest in the room were in complete awe of how spot on you were. All my current self-care concerns challenges and needs answered in one session. I found it extremely inspiring and really fantastic the way you articulated such a complex topic. Loved every second and feel very ‘cup full’ to start my week.

Chloe, Berkhamsted ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

Suzy brings a new language and conceptual map to the practice of self-care. Her workshop is simple and accessible to all, delivered with passion and energy that makes it a rich nourishing experience. She embodies care and positivity and the combination of all these elements makes for a truly special encounter that can change the way you live. I recommend this workshop to everyone!

Gemma, Pitstone ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone, especially if you think that you have no time in your day to do something for yourself and to look at life in a more positive way.

Rachel, Cheddington ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

Thanks for the lovely, lovely workshop, so inspiring and so perfectly-timed for me at this point in my life.

Aurore, Berkhamsted ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

How inspiring and exactly what I needed…

Hannah, Berkhamsted ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

It was just what I needed! I arrived feeling not so great and left feeling like I was floating. Thank you!

Katie, Berkhamsted ‘Vitality Yoga’

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Vitality Yoga class, having come back to yoga after a gap of about 15 years.  I used to go to a class in Tring run by a lovely lady who moved away and despite trying a few classes, never found anyone who came even close to her.  Your class was wonderful, with a great mix of movement and stretching and relaxation and what really touched me was your attention to personal welfare and your emphasis on being kind to ourselves.  This was so much what my old teacher was like.  So thank you, it was lovely and has inspired me so much.

Rachael, Chesham ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

I can’t tell you how much we both LOVED yesterday! It was just what we needed – we left feeling so positive and energised, but also with an incredible sense of calm. It was so fantastic. 

Lauren, Berkhamsted Postnatal Yoga

It’s been a wonderful 9 months and I’m so happy I found your class. I’ve learnt to try & remember to find 5 minutes in my day for myself & I think the yoga has been a lifesaver. I really hope to see you at a workshop or in future classes as I’ll miss Tuesdays so much now that my little one is crawling!!

Debs, Berkhamsted ‘Vitality Yoga Class’

I’ve absolutely loved the classes, more than any other yoga class I’ve ever done 😉 You have such an incredible energy and it’s been a joy to come and be with you and the other girls. I’ll definitely be booking in again!

Gemma, Berkhamsted ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

Thank you so much for the positive and motivating workshop, I really enjoyed it and this week have already felt so much less stressed and anxious about facing my day ahead! I have started looking at the Vitality Wheel which has made me realise there are so many free and simple things you can do in your day to help you feel better and motivated. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone especially if you think that you have no time in your day to do something for yourself and to look at life in a more positive way.

Kathryn, Berkhamsted ‘Art of Self-Care Workshop’

You will love this workshop – it’s really uplifting and so useful!

Rachael, Berkhamsted stress management 

Thank you for all of the fantastic tools you’ve imparted. I am so inspired to learn from someone so strong, as it helps me to realise we all have blips – it’s part of life – it’s how we deal with them that counts!!

Shelley, Tring stress management and private yoga

Suzy is amazing!  She recently created a restorative yoga practice for me following some surgery that focused on both my physical and emotional recovery. She tuned into exactly what I needed – on so many levels – and tailored my sessions to help me regain my strength and energy.  Her naturally warm and uplifting style made me feel nurtured, encouraged and supported.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Aurore, Berkhamsted postnatal yoga

Exhaustion and dehydration from chronic lack of sleep would leave me with achy muscles all over and a general grumpy mood….I felt so rough that leaving the house would take a lot of self convincing but I was always glad I did! When Suzy’s yoga ended I left feeling re-energised, as though someone had given me an all over body massage and happy to have had an hour “to myself”. My baby boy also loved the company of the other babies. I recommend her class to you!

Fiona, Ashridge walk and talk

Suzy’s Walk and Talk sessions are wonderful. I was looking for someone to help with my wellbeing both physically & mentally. Suzy proved to be the perfect person. Getting outdoors breathing & moving made the talking part really easy. It’s very different to being in a consultation room. We could change the location of where we went as well as how hard we would work physically, so it was always fresh. Sometimes it was just a walk, other times we would stop & do some yoga or more of a personal training session but there was always talking along the way. Every session left me feeling positive, centered, smiling & looking forward to the next. 

Suzy is quite a remarkable human being, she is a very generous spirit, who is able to listen to what you have to say, nurture you, motivate you & help you realize your potential. She also has an amazing way with people that makes her very easy to talk to, it’s a bit like talking to a friend only she doesn’t come with any preconceptions or judgments & is truly able to help put things into perspective, achieve goals & nurture your whole being.

Lucinda, Berkhamsted yoga – pre and postnatal

I’ve taken yoga classes with Suzy both while pregnant and as a new mum with my baby daughter. She is a warm and friendly instructor and has a personal approach which makes the class very welcoming. Her yoga is seemingly gentle, and very manageable whatever your level or physical condition, yet I leave each class feeling strengthened, stretched and relaxed. I look forward to my weekly session, and highly recommend her.

Clare, Berkhamsted private yoga

First, Suzy and I discussed what in particular I wanted to address. I said I needed to seriously improve my flexibility; with this in mind we worked on a few different moves. They were challenging but I could feel them working on my tight muscles. Usually, during yoga lessons, I lie there thinking I ought to be running instead. This time, though, I felt stretched, relaxed and energised, and as I lay there breathing deeply I wanted to stay there all day.

Suzy stressed that the only way to get yoga therapy to work for you is to carry on the moves at home. I just hope I can stick to it because afterwards I do feel amazing.

A little note from me, Suzy, here: all my yoga therapy and private yoga clients can request a little extra support for no extra charge – I check in with you at agreed intervals to make sure you are rolling out your yoga mat. Think of me as the little angel sitting on your shoulder 🙂

Nicky, Berkhamsted private yoga

Suzy has helped me introduce yoga into my life in a way that I knew I wanted to, but didn’t feel I could with group classes. Her approach is supportive and thorough – she always ensures she understands my goals, and comes up with programmes that meet my needs in a way that are achievable and realistic for me as an individual. Working with Suzy has meant that yoga is now firmly part of my daily routine, and I feel so much happier for it.

Sharon, Berkhamsted private yoga

I approached Suzy because I love my yoga but found in school holidays I couldn’t make my regular classes with the children at home. Suzy came to my house and designed a personal programme for me that I can fit easily in to my day and suits me perfectly. Thank you Suzy!

Sylvia, Berkhamsted stress management and private yoga

Suzy is a superb instructor and a lovely person to be with.  I have osteo arthritis and wish to retain my current physical status and improve it if possible. Suzy assessed me carefully and designed a personal programme of yoga exercises that are already proving to be beneficial to my strength and also I find that while doing the programme, my mind is released from it’s burdens and I feel refreshed rather than exhausted afterwards. Without reservation I highly recommend Suzy as a trainer and yoga teacher: you are in safe hands!

Sophie, Sydney participating in the 8 weeks to a better ‘bodymind’ challenge

I’ve lost 4 kgs since I made big changes to my diet 3 weeks ago. Have sooooo much more energy – good timing too because I have really needed it. My hair and skin are much better. I know how much better I feel when I do this but it is so easy to fall into bad habits. Thanks for your encouragement and tips. Great to be doing this 8 week challenge with you.

Kirsten, Sydney life coaching and stress management

“Suzy is a beautiful soul with a truly endearing nature.  She has an amazing gift to be able to unravel the chaos and find a sense of calm, clarity and direction.

Suzy helped me to regain the confidence to make better choices, believe in myself, and gain control back in my life.  I now feel positive and energised, and ready and equipped to take on whatever challenges life may throw at me.

To me, Suzy is like a ray of sunshine.”

Janine, Sydney health & fitness coaching, private yoga

“Suzy has been part of my life for years. It took little time to know that she was the person who could support the necessary change in my life. She is humanistic, working with the whole person and her clear boundaries enable me to feel a focused intention on meeting our agreed goals.

I have never felt more supported! She meets me wherever I am – distracted, focused, overwhelmed – then works with me to swing the pendulum back to a more centered, integrated being.

I have achieved amazing quests with Suzy at my side.”

Jean McGregor – Coach, Sydney  sports and wellbeing psychology

Suzy has worked brilliantly with my athlete. They have addressed concerns together & Suzy has provided strategies that have worked very well. I am hoping for an on going professional relationship”.

Anoushka, Sydney private yoga and health & fitness coaching

Suzy has had a big impact on my life this year. I initially went to her because I was at the point where I needed more out of my fitness program with a primary focus on yoga and well-being.

Suzy has given me so much more than this over the past 7 months. She has worked with me on a weekly basis to develop my yoga practice, giving me areas to work on when I’m not with her. She has also provided me with techniques to make room in my life to focus on well-being, relaxation, and gain clarity of thought at a time that has been quite challenging personally.

Suzy is a tremendous support and I can’t recommend her highly enough“.

Charlie, Sydney health & fitness coaching

“Before I met Suzy I was quite daunted by the prospect of having a fitness coach however Suzy listened to what I wanted and worked out a plan that suited me – a plan that was completely achievable and also a lot of fun.

She gave me so much support and encouragement during the time we worked together that she became much more than a personal trainer – more like a partner! Through training with Suzy, I now have a routine that works with my lifestyle, is easy to keep up and has enabled me to build up a good level of fitness (along with losing weight).

Now, I really enjoy keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I have to say it’s all thanks to Suzy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Suzy to anyone but especially for people who, like I was, are not confident in their level of fitness and would like someone who will provide an encouraging and supportive yet challenging environment.”

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