Private Yoga Berkhamsted

unwinding – replenishing – relaxing – empowering- energising – uplifting

What is Private Yoga?

Private yoga is one-on-one session or a small group class with a yoga teacher. This makes yoga accessible for any level of fitness, experience or age, and maximises both enjoyment and effectiveness.

I provide a bespoke practice, designed specifically for your goals, needs and preferences, meeting you exactly where you are at now. 

I also teach you a home yoga practice so you are empowered with a daily yoga toolkit. As little as 5 minutes a day can have a tangible effect on your wellbeing.

The frequency of sessions is up to you. Some people I see once a week like you’d see a personal trainer, others, it’s once a month like you’d have a massage or a facial, and some I see just the once because that’s all they require. It is a truly bespoke process and one that genuinely delivers what you need: head, heart and body.

How Private Yoga Can Help:

  • Stress Relief: relieving the physical and energetic manifestations of stress. Incorporating breath work and mindfulness to help unravel the mental and emotional manifestations of stress.
  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Mother & Baby Yoga: preparing for conception, birth, motherhood and beyond. Nurturing the physical body, boosting energy, mood and nourishing the mind.
  • Healing Yoga: for times of stress, loss, change, illness or fatigue. Yoga to deal with simple physical aches, pains and stiffness, perfect if you need a good stretch.
  • Yoga for Mental Health: as a chartered psychologist I offer yoga designed specifically to help combat depression, anxiety and mental manifestations of stress. My approach is a combination of yoga with CBT and Mindfulness.
  • Beginners: An introduction to yoga movement and breathing and a simple home practice. An ideal preparation for joining group classes.
  • Mentoring: to deepen your practice and to explore different aspects of yoga – postures, breathing, meditation, mudra, yoga nidra or relaxation, philosophy.
  • Yoga for Sport: to physically enhance your sporting performance, to stretch out and replenish between sessions and mental skills training to give you the competitive edge. Ideal for nurturing young athletes and seasoned professionals alike.

To enquire about private yoga, get in touch:

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